Since its establishment in 1978, Chairman Lo deeply realized that the only way to improve product value and promote industrial upgrading is to work through more advanced products and better quality assurance!

We do not want to do the price competition in a low-end market!
However, we can provide more affordable products to sophisticated high-end market with spirit of excellence.
To meet customer needs and provide quality service-oriented spirit, we wish we can create a spirit that is exclusively belonging to " HUA CHENG MOULDING " ! Currently, our company does not only supply leading factory of Taiwan's powder metallurgy industry -- -- Porite Taiwan Co.,Ltd., but also develop electronic industry-related supply chain in recent years. We aggressively promote markets in Europe, U.S., and Japan and are scheduled to participate in major industrial and commercial exhibitions. In response tothe market demand, in addition to set up the branch in Jiangsu Province Mainland in 2004, the parent company in Taiwan has also purchased new plant and is expected to be completed at the end of 2012 to sever more customers!

Company History

精益求精 追求穩定  誠心經營 滿足需求
專業源於專注 服務源於真誠

▼  1978-1999 .
 ◎ 1978 Originally named Hongda Enterprise,was founded in Miaoli County.
 ◎ 1986 With expanded business. The company moved to its present location and rename to“Hua Cheng Toolings , Co ,Ltd.

▼  2004-2008.
 ◎ 2004 Responds to business needs, a facility is set up in Changshu, Jiangsu Province,China.
 ◎ 2007 Incorporated and ERP with bar code production management systems.
 ◎ 2008 Certified by VOA6.4Quality Management System. (Highest standard of Quality Assurance in German Automobile Industry)

▼  2010.
 ◎ 2010 Purchased a land with approximately 55,000sq ft (the new plant is expected to be completedin 2012.)





Taiwan address : No. 2, Alley 430, Zhonghua Rd., Toufen City, Miaoli County 351, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

China address : No. 7, Huanhu Hongshun Industrial Park, Jinlin Road, Southeast Development Zone, Changshu, Jiangsu, China


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